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the problem with security

When you think of the ‘Private Security’ industry, your mind doesn’t immediately turn towards, technology-forward, well run and organized companies, with stellar examples of professional employees.

Unfortunately, the images most conjured are unprofessional guards pushed into poorly fitted uniforms smoking cigarettes and not focusing of their tasks at hand.  Malnourished-looking Barney Fife looks more prepared to handle todays complex security issues than most of the security guards in the workplace today.  All too often this imagery is replicated over and over again, regardless of the name, size or location of the organization.  The security industry in general has earned these stereotypes.

At ECHELON EXECUTIVE PROTECTION we boldly jump over the low bars set by the industry and provide services and professionals that obliterate those age-old stereotypes.

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I engaged ECHELON to complete a security survey before we entered into an on-site security agreement. The survey became the roadmap we used to overhaul our former security systems (practices)

In a short period of time our incidents of danger started a significant downward trend.  It is amazing to witness the transformation that is occurring on a daily basis.  Our facility is now a safer place.

Henry M., Homeless Services Industry  

“The 24-hour patrol service provided by ECHELON greatly reduced transient camping and the human waste and theft issues associated with such activity.

Owners, Patrick & Tiffany are extremely personable and we wholeheartedly recommend them and their team!

Kris D., Financial Services Industry

“Echelon hasn’t just maintained a professional set of business practices – they have made the safety and security of our patrons, performers, and staff their top priority. 

When ECHELON is on the job, I can rest assured that we are definitely in good hands.”

Vikki., Live Arts Industry

Today’s security challenges are more complex and diverse than ever before.  Personal, Residential and Commercial crime rates are rising, and Law Enforcement leaders are facing ever-increasing pressure to reduce department size and budgets.   Crime isn’t going to simply abate itself as regions lose more law enforcement officers.   Real crime remains, Real criminals still roam our streets and neighborhoods.

ECHELON EXECUTIVE PROTECTION can assist you in your efforts to protect your loved ones, employees, business and assets.  We possess the talent, resources and leadership to answer the call.  It starts with YOU making the first step!    Contact ECHELON