The Higher Standard

Not a Marketing Term….This is our corporate slogan.  We do not accept the norms of this industry,  We step over them and create our own.  We create higher standards & deliver high-end results


Around the Clock Service

The sun never sets on our workday.  We provide our clients around – the – clock protection and service.

We have created a culture of always being ready to serve.


Make a Statement

Our clients can opt to have construction grade signage placed on various parts of their property, letting area troublemakers know their property is being watched by the good guys around the clock.

High visibility is essential.



We believe in face-to-face meeting with our clients.  We continually re-imagine strategies to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients.  We treat every client like the valuable person they are.



For clients who want an objective overview of current practices, we can perform a comprehensive survey provide you with a comprehensive, multiday survey of your current practices; from strengths to weaknesses.

We will team with you to address change.



We hire only the very best professionals in the industry.

When you hire the best, you compensate them accordingly.  In turn our clients receive high quality service from high-end professionals

Top-notch security has has a price.  But the cost of poor security can be devastating.